Birthday Bounty

I LOVE my birthday… And this year was a big one. I turned 30 two weeks ago!
Weeks in advance I harassed Mr. Ogre about the plans he may or may not have made, give him not so subtle hints on what I want to do, and more importantly, what I want to get… This year I really outdid myself and sent him an email with a list of things I would like to get with the words: “This is just a guideline, if you had another idea, that’s great too.” That and a constant nagging that I wanted a fun day. This really freaked him out a bit, got him a bit nervous. He thought I expected fireworks and a flash mob, but all I really wanted was a nice day. just the two of us, no work, no phonecalls, no nothing.
And he delivered. It was one of the best birthdays, if not the best EVER!
In the end we had a great day in Bilbao. We had nice weather and Mr Ogre catered to all my desires: good food, thrift shops and fabric shopping. And I got 3 Colette Patterns as a present. LOVE him and his presents!

So now to the good part: my presents

First of all, my brand new gorgeous patterns. Colette Patterns Peony, Violet and Eclair. I especially can´t wait to finish my Eclair, although I am pretty nervous about these, because I have never ever before owned such beautiful patterns.

I am actually nervous about starting on these. I decided that Violet is going to be the first pattern to be made. I already traced every pattern piece (I really don´t want to cut into the original pattern) and tomorrow I´m heading to the market to buy some a whole lot of cheap fabric to make a trial version, because here is the fabric that I am going to use for the “real” version.

 A gorgeous lightweight poly/silk blend with little birds (they´re about 2.5 cm high each) bought on my birthday-outing in a fabulous fabric store in Bilbao, Rafael Matías (a store I discovered by perusing through this blog). The best fabric store in a 200 km radius (maybe even a bigger radius, I haven´t really investigated yet).

Other fabric I bought there:

 In real life colours, this uses the same palet as the fabric above, and this will be used for the Eclair.

This one is heavier than the other two, this will be used for the Peony, making the contrasting waste band with the “wrong” side of the fabric

Plaid shirting, soon to become a shirt for Mr Ogre, using this pattern McCalls 6044

All I have to find is some pearl snaps to use as buttons and I am good to go.

What projects are you working on right now, or what do you want to make next?

Check back soon, ´cause I will be posting some of my previous sewing adventures soon…


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