She’s alive!

Let me introduce you to my sewing machine, also referred to as My precious (yes, with the Gollum-voice)… Her name is Aline and I consider her to be my best friend in Spain. Not in the world. I left some truly fabulous people behind!

Here we are being retro/vintage 8 years ago
Here we are being retro/vintage 2 years ago… Do I sense a theme?
And my friend is pregnant is both pictures, what a coincidence…

At the beginning of the weak on Tuesday I nearly had a heart attack. My most precious possession (I don’t consider my family my possession, although they are more precious to me!) didn’t function as she should anymore.
My stitches were all loose on the bottom… GASP! Did it have anything to do with the shirt for my husband I am finishing up? Did she not like the fabric, the design, or just the fact that I was not sewing for myself again? (Aline loves me very much…)

I don’t know what was wrong with her, but I couldn’t rush her to the sewing-machine doctor quite fast enough.
It was like when I got her, two years ago, my old Toyota (that I didn’t particularly love and didn’t have a name either) had just broken down at 4o’clock in the afternoon, so I quickly did a bit of searching on the internet and rushed out the door to get me a new sewing machine in the Netherlands (that sounds really crazy, going to another country to buy a machine, but I lived really close to the border, it was actually the nearest sewing-machine shop…). 
Now that I think of it, it was also on a Tuesday… (I remember because it was when I was still working and feeling miserable doing my job and it was my half-day off… HALF-day off, pff, can you believe that?!)
To my horror the machine-doctor (doctor of machines, not a machine being a doctor like in StarWars or StarTrek) told me she had to stay over in his little hospital and that it would be at least a week before he would call me to let me know how much this was going to cost me. A WEEK! Another GASP!
Fortunately, she wasn’t alone… A whole bunch of other machines were there too.
So to my big surprise, the man called me yesterday morning (in Spain that means anything from 10.00 a.m. till 2.00 p.m.) to tell me he could fix her that same day for a price that was within my budget (buying a house really takes a huge slice out of a budget…)! Angels were singing – or maybe it was the sound of the rain falling – again/still!
So in the afternoon (in Spain the afternoon goes on untill like 8.00 p.m., got to love them, even if it was just for that) I went to pick her up. The man complemented me on her soft touch and excellent sewing. I knew she would do me proud!

So now she’s back where she belongs, in the mess that I call my sewing space! HOORAY!

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