Indie Pattern Month 2013 – Deer and Doe Bleuet

I finished this dress the last day of June, but haven’t been able to get pictures before, blame it on an urgent desire to go to the beach.

This dress is the Bleuet from Deer and Doe, and I love it. I am so so so happy with it! Finally a shirt-dress that actually suits me. I have tried several before in different stores, but something was always off, but not with this one!

The bow in the back is really cute.

I got the fabric on our trip to La Coruña last month, and I am in love with it. I had been looking for a small flower print for a very long time, and finally I came across this beauty. I knew immediately that it was meant for my Bleuet.

I found a great tutorial on photoshopping your fabric to your pattern by Mel from The Curious Kiwi, and just for the fun of it, I tried it out. It’s such great fun. You can find the tutorial for Photoshop here and the tutorial for Gimp here.

See, I knew beforehand this dress was going to be great!

I had the buttons covered in my local haberdashery store, I didn’t feel like messing around with those DIY-kits for 15 buttons, and they were only 70 cents each, so I was glad to outsource that task…

I’ll definitely make this again, but I’ll overcome my vanity and cut a size larger, this one is rather tight…

Nothing more to say about this dress, just enjoy the pictures.

 The sun is finally here, so off to the beach again it is! And don’t forget: wear sunscreen!


9 thoughts on “Indie Pattern Month 2013 – Deer and Doe Bleuet

  1. Yay, I'm so glad you had fun with my tutorial, your CGI dress looks great but your real dress looks even better. You picked a great fabric choice, so pretty. I have this pattern too, I love the cute bow at the back, a nice little surprise 🙂

  2. Thanks, you really should make the dress, it is already one of my favorite makes!
    And your tutorial is the best! Once you know the steps, it goes really quick.

  3. Hey Wendy!
    I really like your dress! I've got the pattern too, but still need to get started on that one..
    I nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogger award, you can find the details on my blog,, and then it's on the bottom of the Truffle post.

  4. Thanks Kim, looking forward to your Bleuet, it really is a great pattern and comes together rather quick (except for the buttons, because 15 buttons is really a lot!)

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