Colette Truffle Dress

  Truffles, the greatest chocolate-related invention. EVER! There are few chocolate treats that are better than a hump of ganache, rolled in melted chocolate, covered with chocolate flakes… Chocolate heaven! Conoceís truffles? Son los mejores chocolates en este mundo! Y ahora tengo un vestido con el mismo nombre! 😀 The Colette Truffle Dress is equally genius. I love the simplicity of the dress! A pretty … Continue reading Colette Truffle Dress

And it was called yellow – last dress of winter

* I moved to WordPress, I used to blog over at . I changed because I prefer the comments handling and layout options better here * *** BTW Sorry for the uninspired post, but I am currently nursing a hangover… Like Heather from the Great British Sewing Bee would say, I drowned in a bucket of gin(-tonic) last night…  *** A lot of sewing … Continue reading And it was called yellow – last dress of winter

Colette Peony – aka Stashbusting Flamingoes

I have had this pattern lying around for 3 months now, along with the fabric I bought especially for this. A gorgeous yellow-pistachio silk jacquard. I love yellow fabrics, there is just something about the bright vibrance that cheers me up instantly (not that I need a lot of cheering up, I am a pretty cheery person by nature). But somehow, the foresight of letting … Continue reading Colette Peony – aka Stashbusting Flamingoes