My Sassy Librarian Blouse

I took a class from Craftsy! And I loved it!
My reason for taking the class was to get my hands on the pattern of the Sassy Librarian Blouse
When I last checked, they were having a sale, it ends today!




I figure I could have made this without taking the video lessons, because I have made shirts before, but I was eager to find out how a professional would tackle some of the construction details, so I followed the video lessons.


I swear I payed attention in class!

 So to the blouse. There are a few options:

Collar/Bow and Tab/None of the above

As I am a bit tired of seeing collars without collarstands on everything for women and girls alike, I went for the Bow and Tab option. I made a black bow first but when it was time to attach it I couldn’t find it anymore and the black fabric was really slippery, so I then changed it to a red one, from a scrap from the red skirt.


I swear my skin is a bit more tan than the horrible skintone showing in these pictures!

Pleats in the front or not

This was the feature that drew me in in the first place, so I totally went for this.

 Sleeves or Armbands

As fall is approaching fast and my upper arms are not the most attractive part of my body, I added sleeves and lengthened them because I didn’t really like the look of the sleeves of the original. For this I just extended the seam of the sleeve to +/- 30 cm. This worked out just fine for me.


I liked the way the class almost forces you to slow down and really pay attention to all the details. Believe it or not, because of this, I didn’t have to use my seam ripper one single time! Not once! Two things that did go wrong though. First of all, there is neck gaping! I have the seam issue with my Peony. I should start paying more attention to this. Second of all, I tried attaching the buttons with my machine again. Every single one fell off. Any idea how to make sure the buttons actually stay on?


Although this class is clearly for beginners, I still learned a few things and seeing someone doing things in a video is just so much better than following a photo tutorial. 


This is what I had in mind when I bought the fabrics, a red skirt with a tucked in blouse.
I asked a few questions on the Craftsy Platform, and they got answered really fast.
I love the concept of these classes so much, that I have already enrolled in my next class ‘The Couture Dress’. I am pretty sure this will be a lot more challenging, but I have been watching a few of the lessons and I already now that I am going to love this one too.


At the end of the photoshoot my ladybugs got hungry so I fed them some Sproutplant. They were happy after that because sprouts are delicious!

12 thoughts on “My Sassy Librarian Blouse

  1. Lovely blouse! I´d love to get one of those crafsty videos but I find them a bit too expensive. Maybe on sales?… anyways, back to your blouse. Love all the details, the pleats are beautifully made and the bow? wow! Really a master piece!

  2. Wendy, the whole outfit look great on you!!! How well you made ​​a class in Craftsy! I am thinking in taking classes in creativebug, they are offering, the september´s subscribtion only for 9,99 dollar! There are nice classes like the Sailor's Blouse.

  3. Thanks! I think it really depends on how well you know how to sew if the classes are worth the money or not. This blouse was a bit easy for me, but if I didn't know how to sew a sleeve or a collar, this would have been perfect to learn. I'm watching the Couture Dress class and I'm really learning a lot of different things…

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