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The people have spoken…

And they have made it very clear what they expect from me.

Based on your comments, I think you mainly voted for the fabric I suggested for my dress and to be honest, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been hoarding this piece of cloth for almost 2 years, just not being able to decide what to do with it, but getting it out on occasion for some petting. Man, you wouldn’t believe how soft this baby is! 

I already made a muslin for the bodice of the dress and have made minor adjustments to make sure that this dress fits (more or less) appropriately.
I see a trip to a fabric store in my near future, to buy the right lining for this fabric so this baby gets made before the end of March.
On a different note, if I were to move this little blog to WordPress, would you move with me?

Maider’s Leggings Sewalong – Cose Conmigo Leggings por Maider

leggings 1

I made leggings following a Sew-Along hosted by the sweet and talented Maider, who I have had the pleasure of meeting during our Northern-Spain-Bloggers-Meetup on Boxing Day… You can find pictures and the story about that here and here. I didn’t write a post about this, because I didn’t take any pictures… 

Hizé leggings apuntandome por el cose-conmigo de Maider, una chica muy maga y con mucho talento, que estaba encantada de conocerle durante el Encuentro Costurero-Blogero en Bilbao el 26 de diciembre. Hay fotos y una pequeña historia del día en los blogs de las otras chicas. Yo olvidé la cámara entonces no tengo fotos de ese día geníal…
leggings 3
Seeing how Maider is a Basque blogger, writing in Basque, Spanish and English, I will write this blog post both in English and Spanish, because she will be linking to our posts and I want her readers to understand what I have to say. Well sort of, because my Spanish is really not as good as it should be after living here for over 2 years… Here goes nothing.

Intentaré de escribir este post en Castellano también porque muchos de los seguidores de Maider son españoles y quiero que me entendeís. Pues, más o menos, intentaré… 

leggings 7

So Maider is hosting a Leggings Sew-Along using only your personal measurements to make leggings. I don’t really have a need for more leggings, I already have 1 pair and some different coloured stockings, so I decided to play a bit with the pattern so I would end up with lounge pants/tennis pants. I usually run around the house in my too short, blue reindeer pyjama pants. Not a very attractive sight out of the bedroom. (It’s not very attractive in the bedroom either, but at least they are appropriate there). The people that I live with me owe you a lot of thanks, Maider!
Maider está haciendo un cose-conmigo de Leggings, usando tus propias medidas y nada más! No necesito más leggings en mi vida, ya tengo 1 par y algunas medias en colores diferentes, entonces decidí de jugar un poco con el patrón para acabar con un pantalón para llevar en casa o para ir al clase de tenis. Normalmente, en casa, llevo el pantalón de mi pijama que queda un poco corto, con ciervos azules… No es mi look más favorable… Mi familia tiene que agradecer a Maider por elevar un poco la estética en casa…

leggings 5
To do this, I didn’t use my ankle-measurement, but just used my knee measurement (without reducing 10%) as my ankle measurement. I also added 3 cm to the bottom because I want these pants to end on my shoes, not my ankles. I should have added 5 cm because I think 3 cm is barely long enough, without even hemming the legs.
Para conseguir este resultado, no medí mi tobillo pero usé la medida de la rodilla (sin diminuir 10%) como medida del bajo. Añadí 3 cm abajo porque sino, quedaría un poco corto el pantalón, pero al final tuvé que añadir 5 cm porque el bajo es muy muy justo, sin dobladillo…

leggings 9

I also added a wider waistband than what Maider shows in her tutorials, because I like a wide waistband and I wanted to add a ribbon. To do this, I drew a waistband of 16 cm high (7cm + 1 cm seam allowance each side) Before sewing the waistband on, I made two buttonholes to pull a ribbon through. I went for HOT PINK, because that colour is just HOT and it contrasts really nice with the grey of the pants.
Además, añadí una cinturilla un poco más ancha que la del CC y quería incluir un lazo. Dibujé una cinturilla de 7 cm (entonces pieza de tela de 16 cm: 2X(7+1) y la largura siguiendo la clase de Maider). Hizé dos ojales en el centro antes de unir la cinturilla y el pantalón. Opté por un lazo de color HOT PINK, porque es un color HOT, y el contraste con el gris da un poco de alegría. 

leggings 2

I did use a different order for sewing the pants together. I have followed 2 tutorials (the other one is Make My Pattern) on pants now and they both have you sew up the leg seam first and then the crotch seam, making you put one pant leg in the other and then sew. I do the opposite. I first sewed front and back center seam, and then I sew both leg seams in one smooth movement, as you can see here.
No cosé el pantalón como Maider. Ya he hecho 2 pantalones de manera CC (el otro era de Make My Pattern) y las dos dicen de coser primera las piernas y después las unes. Yo hago al revés. Primero coso el centro delante, después el centro atrás y al final cose las dos piernas enseguidas. Un dibujo para explicar sería un poco más fácil, no?

The fabric came from my favourite fabric store, Rafael Matías in Bilbao. It is a sort of fuzzy sweater knit, that I would use for making baby clothes if I ever felt inclined to do so… (Not having babies is a great way to avoid baby sewing).
La tela es de mi tienda favorita, Rafael Matías en Bilbao. Es una tela para coser sweaters o sí algun día me apetecería, haría ropa de bébé con este tipo de tela. (Pero no tengo bébé, entonces no hace falta que hago ropa de bébés…)

leggings 4
Once I finished the pattern, which took less than an hour, I sewed these pants up in about 1.5 hours (I’m a very slow sewer and get easily distracted by almost anything). So if I am ever in need of sweat pants or leggings, I can now make these in no time!
Dibujar el patrón duró menos que una hora y coser el pantalón me costó una hora y media, pero coso muy lento y estoy despistada cada 3 segundos). Cuando quiero otro par de leggings o pantalón de chandal, usaré este método.

leggings 8

I suggest you all head over to Maider’s blog to check out all her other projects and start making some leggings! If you finish before 31st of January, you can enter the contest (I don’t know the details, so don’t know if it’s worldwide).

Thanks for a great pattern Maider, I hope I win!

Ahora, todo el mundo al blog de Maider para ver sus projectos y para hacer leggings! Si acabaís antes del 31 de enero, puedes entrar en el concurso!!

Muchas gracias Maider por un CC estupendo! A ver si me toca la suerte!

leggings 6 

Vote for Colette Patterns in the Great Martha Stewart American Made Contest

Everyone can vote, even if you don’t live in the US.
If they win the 10,000 USD prize, they will give it to their employees as a bonus, because they consider their employees their greatest asset. I love this kind of thinking!
Colette Patterns is currently in second place, vote every day up to 6 times and show Martha Stewart the power of the sewing community!

Vote here!

That’s it for today! Hope to show you something new very soon!

Me Made May – Week 1 – Update

*** UPDATE***
I failed miserably during my first attempt at joining in on the MMM13-fun… The reasons why I failed are as follows:

1/ The weather – I don’t have a lot of me-made winter clothes, and May was much like winter here… I got tired of wearing the same 5 things all the time pretty quickly.
2/ Moving house – We bought an apartment in March and moved in May, so I didn’t want to ruin my hand-made things while filling and transporting boxes and painting and cleaning and so on.
3/ Daily photos – I got tired of this before I got tired of wearing the same thing over and over again.

Next year I will be entering again, and I am counting on it that the weather will be better, although I have a few cold-weather proof items that I am planning. Think pencil-skirts (adore those!), another Violet, another pair of trousers (I just wore out my last pair of jeans 😦  and maybe a Watson-cape.

Hope I do better next year… 


The first week of Me Made May is coming to an end, and it was easier than I thought even though the weather wasn’t really perfect for all the summery dresses I have waiting to show you.

As I said in my pledge, I will wear at least one Me-made item of clothing everyday, but I will have repeats, I am just the kind of girl that wears the same outfit more than one day in a row…
Here are the pictures of last week. I only have 3 pictures of me actually wearing my creations due to the bad weather and because my photographer wasn’t around a lot last week. Hopefully next week will be better… Once we get the hang of things and kind of develop a routine, I’m sure the pictures will improve.
 First up, my polkadot blouse. Looks pretty from afar, but is far from pretty up close. The fabric I bought at a local fabric store here in Santander and was from the remnants table. The pattern came from Patrones, the Spanish version of Burda. If you think Burda is scarce with explanations, Patrones is even worse. You can’t see it in this picture, nor when I am wearing the shirt, but I couldn’t manage to sew on the front piece like it was supposed to be, so there are gaps on both sides of the shirt, yes actual holes where I can fit my finger through!
The Dress is a completely different story. It is Butterick 5559. It came together really easy, the fit is fantastic and I look kick-ass in it. Pictures of me wearing the dress will probably soon be up, because it is one of my favourite pieces of clothing. I made this with a fabric from my stash. I bought it last year in London and it is just fantastic… 
The inspiration for making this dress came from this post. I have another knit sitting in my stash and I am almost 100% sure I’m making this dress again. That way I will have a winter version and a summer version. YES!
Sunday we had great weather so we went for icecream and a nice picture. The pattern for the tunic comes from Knipmode, a Dutch magazine and I got the fabric at a fabric-/DIY-fair in Belgium.
The second one is Colette’s Violet in a silky fabric from Rafael Matias in Bilbao, my new fabric-walhalla. I’m planning a post on my Violet later, so you will definitely see more of that one. Sorry for the hair in this picture, today was not my best-hair day ever…
The pants are a Burda pattern and the fabric is also a London find. They’re really comfortable and great for a cool spring day. Too bad I only have one single sweater that goes with them…And my right leg looks really weird in this picture, in real life my butt looks better, believe me…
In addition to wearing a me-made garment everyday I am actually working on two other projects and have another three queued up after those and bought a two patterns for a skirt because I don´t have any decent skirt that fits me properly… So I will be back soon.