Burda – a challenge

Don’t let these pictures fool you, it is still supercold around here, and right after we took these pics I put my sweater and winter coat back on…

There is a Burda challenge going on in blogland where you have to make an item from the previous issue of BurdaStyle magazine before you can buy a new one. I admire the ladies that enter this challenge because I am a hoarder when it comes to patterns. I download, print, buy, pin them but then easily forget about them and go for a new one before even making the patterns I got earlier…

Anyway, last month I was in Bilbao again, shopping for fabric for my husband’s wedding shirt. The fabric we wanted wasn’t in stock but we did find a nice piece of fun summer fabric in the remnants bin with my name written all over it:

You can’ t really tell from this picture, but this is neon-green!

 I wanted a quick win after the struggling I had with my Violet, so I thought I’d go with an easy top. I went through all my patterns and Burda magazines and settled on this one.Burda 07/2012 #116.

Never trust a pattern where the model is shown lying down…

I remeasured myself and went for the right size this time, but I still felt like the top was way to big. So I took in the raglansleeves and took a whole bunch from the side seams and then, just as I was about to enter the home stretch, or so I thought, I cut in my fabric. Not just a little cut close to a side, NO, a big gash in the middle of the fabric. I hate it when things go wrong… 
So, I put my peanut to work and came up with a solution, not a perfect solution, but a solution anyway… So that explains that little strap hanging from the front… It’s just a cover-up… But shh, don’t tell anyone please!

I’m still not satisfied with the neckline after adding a lot of pleats (1 in the center front, one on each sleeve and 2 in the back) and I think I know how to fix it (by adding 2 more pleats 😦  ) , but I’m a bit tired of removing and re-attaching bias-strips for a while, so I’ll just leave it like this for now…
What was supposed to be a quick top took me several hours (days), and a lot of headaches and almost a heartbreak thinking I had ruined my great fabric…

So I guess there is more than one way to interpret a Burda-challenge…

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