Colette Truffle Dress


Truffles, the greatest chocolate-related invention. EVER! There are few chocolate treats that are better than a hump of ganache, rolled in melted chocolate, covered with chocolate flakes… Chocolate heaven!

Conoceís truffles? Son los mejores chocolates en este mundo! Y ahora tengo un vestido con el mismo nombre! 😀

The Colette Truffle Dress is equally genius. I love the simplicity of the dress! A pretty scoop neck, with fairly narrow shoulder bands and a slight A-line skirt. I haven’t seen a lot of Truffles recently, which is a pity, because this is a really basic staple summer dress. I left out the ruffle because 1/ I am not a ruffle person, 2/ I didn’t have enough fabric even if I was a ruffle person. Besides, with the embroidered border, it would have been impossible to make something decent work ruffle-wise.

El Truffle es un vestido del libro de Colette Patterns. Me encanta el diseño puro de este vestido. El patron tiene un volante pero lo dejé porque a mi me gustan los vestidos simples y no tenía tela suficiente…

Where you have the Peony for all your winter and fall sewing, you have the Truffle for summer and spring.

The Truffle Dress is included in the first Colette Sewing Handbook, along with 4 other patterns (that I have yet to try out). This book was a present from my husband for my 30th birthday. Another birthday has passed since, and only now have I made anything out of it… I’d say it was about time…

The fabric I used was a cotton I bought last year when I went to Ferrol and La Coruña last year, while I was wearing my Flamingo Peony. I fell in love with it because of the small flowers, but most of all because of the embroidered border. You just have to love embroidered borders, because that means: NO HEMMING! Awesome!

Me compré esta tela en La Coruña el año pasado, y estaba enamorada con el borde bordado. En esa tela no tienes que coser un bajo! Genial!

I am already planning my next Truffle, it will be a luxurious version, made in silk. To go to a wedding, in my everyday life I don’t really have any valid excuses for wearing silk. I am just wondering if I should go down a size in the bodice. It does seem in some pictures like I have a bit of excess fabric and the armhole appears a bit wide, but the skirt part fits beautifully. What do you guys think?

Ya tengo otra versión preparada. Sería en seda, para ir a una boda. Creo que tengo que hacerme una talla mas pequeña, por lo menos en el parte de arriba. Que opinaís?

The dress is awesome but the most spectacular thing about this post is the place where we took these pictures. We took these in Santander, very close to where we are living temporarily until our apartment is finished. There is a little passage of stairs between our street and the main street, and next to these stairs there is this type of park/garden, which is decorated with all sorts of nautical elements. The first time we discovered this little oasis in the middle of concrete paths and buildings, we were a bit stunned. If you ever come this way, I will show you where to find it!

Las fotos hicimos en un jardín/parque aquí en Santander. Todo el parque y las casas que lo rodean son decorados en tema Nautico. La primera vez que lo vimos, nos sorprendió mucho. Nos encanta! Si pases por Santander, os lo enseño!

You can quickly check your hair in the mirror. Or adjust your dress for a photoshoot. Or have a very intense conversation with yourself.

It even has a real anchor, donated by the Fishermen’s Quarter of Santander.

La ancla, regalo del Barrio Pesquero.

I hope you all start feeling the summer vibes! See you all soon! X

Soy tan feliz que llega el verano! Disfruteís del sol! Un beso! X

13 thoughts on “Colette Truffle Dress

  1. Lovely dress, Wendy! And such a lovely little park!
    Today is finally a good day (weather wise), so I finally dare think about summer clothes… 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel. Thanks! My mom told me the weather hadn’t been very nice, but this week is showing a lot of promise if I may believe the Belgian weather predictions! Have fun with the nice weather and yay for summer sewing!

  2. This dress is just simply lovely! The embroidered border is possibly my favorite part! If you do go a size down next time I would say watch that the bust of your dress doesn’t become too small. The fit is a bit loose in the waist and shoulders so I think grading down your pattern there would help you get the perfect fit.

    1. Thanks! I had the same doubts about the width of the bust should I go down a size… I think I will have to pull out the basting thread to get the fit right, I don’t have time left to make another muslin…

  3. This is gorgeous! A perfect summer dress, and I loved the setting, so pretty and quirky. I’m not sure about the bodice – it looks fine to me, but I don’t like a very close fit so I am probably not the best person to advise.

    1. Hi Philippa, thanks! I really love this dress and I am sorry to have moved away from the little park, (it’s only a 15min walk away, but it’s not in a neighbourhood that we have to pass through for anything, so it will be a long time before I go back there…
      I think based on everyone’s comments I will leave the bodice as is, maybe I’ll baste the sideseams a bit closer to see how that goes…

  4. Beautiful truffle! The fabric is gorgeous! It looks a bit big in the top indeed, but nothing too bad in my opinion 🙂 I nominated you for a Liebster award a while ago, and now I can’t remember if I mentioned this already.. Sorry if its double!

    1. Hi Kim, thanks! I’m gonna leave the bodice as is, a bit of extra room for dancing never hurt anyone, in my humble opinion…
      Thanks for the award, I didn’t see this yet, because I have skipped a whole lot of blog posts because I went on holiday and when I got back I had +200 unread posts and I just didn’t see myself going through all of them! I will get right on the questions!
      BTW, I can’t comment on your blog anymore. Is there something wrong with the Disqus platform, I had the same problem on another blog as well…

  5. OMG!!! I love your new dress, simply and gorgeous. I have this pattern…finally I have to give it a try! Remove the ruffle is a great idea, maybe for the wedding it would be a more sophisticated version with the ruffle, but I don´t know, for me it is enough in this way!!!
    The skirt fits perfect, maybe you can modify the bodice but it looks great on you!!!

    1. Hi Maider! Thanks! Yes, you should try the Truffle, I love it! I don’t think I have enough fabric for the Truffle Ruffle for the wedding, so I’ll just leave it of again. I am going to make a bow to add a bit of interest to the waistline… Exciting, non? 😉

  6. Guapisimo el vestido y te queda genial, cuánto más sencillo más bonito, luego ya con los complementos lo adornamos si queremos. Estas estupenda. Ya nos vemos prontito. Bsos

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